Random Cam Story:

I have a good friend who until recently has moved up north with his wife, a very pretty lady with dark red hair, but that's another story on how I saw her spanked. I came home from work to find my darling wife chatting to my friend via web cam and left them to it while I had a shower. She can sometimes be a bit flirty, I could here giggling as I dried myself off.
I came out and found her wriggling her cleavage at the camera and my friends eyes popping out of his head. I knew she was a tease when I met her and has lead her to many a smacked bottom because of it. I came to the cam and apologized to my friend who laughed it off, I asked what I should do with her to which he replied "put her over your knee". We both have a passion for smacking our wives bottoms and have discus it many times over a beer. I positioned the cam so he could witness her spanking.
She wasn't to happy with the idea of being punished in front of my friend until I pointed out that she watched Rebecca (my friends wife) taking a slapping.
I sat on the seat and told her to assume the position, she glanced at the cam but my friend just said "do as you are told", with a pout she went over my knees and waited. I started to spank her on the seat of her dress not to hard but building up a steady pace. After a while I asked my friend if I should raise her dress, to which he replied "yes, she should show a bit more off", so I lifted the hem of her dress to expose her pink knickers, she wasn't to happy with this.
So the spanking continued and much to my delight she started to wriggle but didn't try to protect her burning bottom as if she does she gets a couple with the cane, I glanced at the screen at my friend who was grinning away and adding words of advice , telling me where to spank and how hard. The time had come to ask if her knickers should be pulled down, He nodded a yes so I yanked them down and her bottom was now bared. She shrieked in protest but knew she had no say in the matter. I now spanked her hard and she was being quiet vocal, her legs had now parted and my friend was getting a good view of her pussy. She was aware of this and being the flirt she is parted her legs further, I glanced at the screen and was positive he was playing with himself. I finished her spanking with two hard whacks on her thighs and gently rubbed her bottom.
I played with her bottom for a while gently rubbing and squeezing and I couldn't help but pull her cheeks apart so he could see her asshole. My hand slid down to her pussy and probed her with my finger, I heard her groaning whilst I slid my finger in deeper and faster. She was writhing on my lap and I knew it wouldn't be long until she and my friend who was wanking to both come. She came noisily and went limp over my lap, he was still wanking as I got her off my lap and stood her up. I re positioned the cam and had her facing it,
"Remove your dress" I said,
"But imp not wearing a bra" she protested.
"Remove it or shall I fetch the cane?"
"Yes strip, show me your tits" chimed my pal
With a sigh she lifted the dress over her head and was now totally naked, he was going for gold wanking away, I then told her to play with her tits so Paul could come. She squeezed and pinched her nipples until we heard a groan, he came. He thanked us both for a fantastic show and has told me Rebecca is due for a spanking that evening and will be putting the cam on for us to witness it.
He logged off after telling us the time it would happen, as he went she was quickly unzipping my jeans and pulling down my boxers. She sank to her knees desperate to fill her mouth.

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